【Seminar】【Personal Training】【Calisthenics】Daisuke Midote teaches Secrets of Big 3 improvement 【4 stance theory diagnotics】

Daisuke Midote holds a seminar in ONI GYM 24 Higashi Osaka at 28th of November 2021.

Daisuke Midote teaches secrets of big 3 improvement on this seminar. He will explain a lot of hint to get everyone stringer from the basic very important, but surprisingly nobody knows, to the advancement so far as time permits.

Daisuke Midote, who was the world champion on powerlifting, made a lot of world champions, and made a lot of guests’ progress by personal trainings everyday, will tell the really important things.

Participants will be taken 4 stance characteristics type check before the seminar to use the contents more efficiently and use own body wisely.

Daisuke Midote’s personal training session & Miwako Takahashi’s Calisthenics session, after the seminar.

Seminar Guide


28th of November 2021

【Front Desk】10:00-

Please come earlier for 4 stance type check before the seminar.



ONI GYM 24, in front of ONI Logo

Fee (Seminar)

ONI GYM 24 member

¥8,000 (Tax Included)


ONI GYM 24 Visitors

¥9,000 (Tax Included)

※This fee includes visitor price, so ONI GYM 24 training area is available by the staff leaving.

※Both take ¥220 as system fee.

Seminar Contents

・What the goal of proceed training?

・Effective Training routine and menus

・Basic knowledge to use own body properly and knowing how to move own body

・Relation of power and flexibility, and how to improve flexibility properly

・Squat Basic and Advance

・Bench press Basic and Advance

・Deadlift Basic and Advance

・Accessory work method

・Think training environment

・Q & A

Daisuke Midote will take everything for people who think starting powerlifting, who want to improve Big 3 seriously, having problem on competing, and having questions.


There is a chance to get the new techniques on you after seminar in personal training by Daisuke Midote and calisthenics session by Miwako Takahashi.


Daisuke Midote’s Personal Training only 8 people

Daisuke Midote has personal trainings after seminar.

1 session / 30 minutes

1 person / 1 session

※This is a personal training for seminar participants only.

①13:15-13:45  ②13:45-14:15  ③14:15-14:45  ④14:45-15:15

⑤15:15-15:45  ⑥15:45-16:15  ⑦16:15-16:45  ⑧16:45-17:15

Fee (Personal Training)

¥5,000 (Tax Included) / 1 session

※This doesn’t cost System fee.

Ultimate Calisthenics Session Miwako Takahashi only 15 people

Miwako Takahashi holds 15 calisthenics sessions after seminar.

Flexibility is very important to move own body properly. Proper calisthenics works on everybody to move own body more flexibly than currently. Please try it.

・This session gives participants special text for reviewing session contents.

・3 Calisthenics sessions after seminar.

①13:10-14:10  ②14:10-15:10  ③15:10-16:10

※ONI GYM 24 will decide which session you take in order of entry.

Fee (Calisthenics session)

¥5,000 (Tax Included) / 1 person

※This doesn’t cost System fee.


Don’t take videos showing whole seminar contents.

Please put entry earlier if you’d like to take personal training and calisthenics session, because these are in order on arrival.

We’re looking forward to your joining.


Lecturer Introduction

Daisuke Midote

Owner of No Limits gym

Daisuke Midote, who has overcome various limitations, is a specialist of coaching training lovers, various types of athletes, and ordinary people how to move own body properly and efficiently.

Various Limits he’s overcome

・The first Japanese who succeeded over 400kg squat

・The first Japanese who succeeded over 300kg bench press

・The first Japanese who made over 1000kg in total

・4 world titles:

World Powerlifting Competition 1st (1 time)

World Bench press Competition 1st (6 times)

World Games 1st (1 time)

Arnold Sports Festival PROBENCH 1st (2 times)

・Japan Powerlifting Competition 1st (20 times)

・Japan Bench press Competition 1st (18 times)


Miwako Takahashi

No Limits gym staff

Classic single bench press ex record holder

Asian Bench press Competition 2011 1st

World Bench press Competition 2012 2nd

Merit of ONI GYM 24 seminar

・Huge gym is available only for seminar at this day

・Lecturer is a legend of powerlifting

・ONI GYM 24 is available before and after the seminar


Cancel Policy

All the payment will be refund, if the cancelation order is before 23rd of November.

Half of the whole payment will be refund, if the cancelation order is between 24th and 26th of November.

If the cancelation is previous day or the seminar day, the payment isn’t refundable.

Infectious Disease Control

This seminar is held based on ”the guideline of infections disease control to hold sports events”.


The application period has ended.