Gym Rules

ONI GYM 24 has some rules to make training smooth.

Don’t touch walls

The walls of ONI GYM 24 are made with interior light board, so these walls don’t withstand that much load.

There’s a possibility to break these walls while stretching with touching these walls.

If you need to stretch with touching these walls, please do it with touching squat racks instead.


Powder and solid chalks are prohibited in ONI GYM 24.

Please use Liquid GRIP Chalks put in each area.

Please don’t touch anything with hands put chalks, and wash hands as soon as possible after finished workout.

Share the equipment

It could be busy, even though there is a lot of equipment.

Other gyms have time regulation to use one rack, but there’s no such rule in ONI GYM 24.

Please share one rack with other trainees while busy time.

Please change on every set while sharing one machine.

A person or a group occupying facility is prohibited in whole area of ONI GYM 24.

Face Towels, Bath Towels

Face towels and bath towels are available for free.

Please use towels for wiping body.

Don’t clean equipment, floor, walls, and pillars with these towels.

Don’t use towels for trainings.

Don’t break towels intentionally.

Don’t takeaway towels.

Please get towels back in the returning box in locker rooms after you finished using towels.

Method to change the rack height

The rack height can be changed with jacks for sharing one rack with other trainees.

It can be changed without putting barbells away.

The weight using range

There’re sign plates on squat, bench press, and deadlift area to show the weight range.

Please use one place in this weight range while busy time.

Please move racks after you finished light warm ups.

Please get racks back the signed style after finished using.

Move from rack to rack

If your main set is 200kg reps today, you should move as below in this case.

20kg warm up at 20-70kg rack

70kg warm up at 20-70kg rack

Move to next rack

120kg warm up at 70-120kg rack

Move to next rack

170kg warm up at 170-kg rack

200kg main set at 170-kg rack

Don’t put away the 25kg plates

You don’t need to put 25kg plates away, because you move to another rack.

Putting plates away takes huge energy. You don’t need to put unnecessary power, and you just focus on your training.

Probably it’s weird for the first time, but this’s the easiest way to train without stress.

Plate Tree

Take plates from plate tree attached to the rack when using ONI Combo Rack.

The sign shows which plate tree to take plates from around BULL and ELEIKO racks.


Don’t put plates on the ground

Don’t put plates on ground or set against rack, just put it back to plate tree every time.

Display on plate tree


Every plate tree has each display of numbers and weight of plates.

Please put plates back when to finish trainings.

Height of safety arms


Safety arms are locked at one height not to make it lower, but it’s possible to make it higher.

This’s one of the protection systems not to get accidents.

Put the collars on Squat

Barbell collars should be put on even inside of the barbell on squat racks.

These inside collars shouldn’t be put away,

because these prevent hitting plates and racks while stepping back.

The barbell doesn’t have inside collars on ELEIKO rack, because this rack is originally made for powerlifting competition.

Area of Barbell Drops


You can drop barbells only at weightlifting area.

Don’t drop barbells at deadlift plat form. Just control the barbell down.

Dumbbell Mitt


Use dumbbell mitt while using dumbbells or barbells at dumbbell area.

Make sure training with dumbbells and barbells far from mirrors not to break them.

Baby Powders

Ask permission to use baby powders from staffs before using it.

Please clean up the floor and equipment after using it.

Put back the equipment and clean up



Put back barbell shaft, dumbbells, plates, and others to the decided place and weight after using them.

Clean up the place touched by yourself and bench sheet with alcohol and towels.

Clean the barbells with brush and towels after using the chalk.

Spot trainings

Staffs of ONI GYM 24 don’t spot your trainings or give training advice, because staffs job is mainly “gym maintenance”.

Please spot each other with other trainees, or make contraction with ONI GYM 24 Personal Trainers.

Taking Pictures and Videos

You can take photos or videos freely at gym area or bar area in ONI GYM 24.

*PROHIBITS: Taking pictures or videos at locker rooms or restrooms.

*Ask permission or edit before upload photos or videos, if other trainees are on them.

No Smoking

No smoking in whole area includes BAR area inside of this building.

No shoes


Don’t come in gym area with outdoor shoes. Use indoor shoes. You can come in by black doormat with ONI GYM 24 logo with outdoor shoes.

There are slippers for gym tour.