Address: Osaka prefecture Higashi Osaka city Eiwa 1-26-20


Access from Shuntokumichi st. of Kintetsu and JR lines


Exit from Kintetsu Shuntokumichi ticket gate, go down the stairs, and turn left.

Go through in front of JR shuntokumichi ticket gate.

Turn right at the corner of Shuntokumichi clinic.

Arrived here about 2 minutes from Shuntokumichi station, and look for ONI GYM 24 sign.

Cooperated Parking

PCP Shuntokumichi

Address: Osaka prefecture Higashi Osaka city Yokonuma town 3-3-9


The building of ONI GYM 24 is left way and about 3 minutes from parking.

Parking Tickets

One time ONI GYM 24 using allows you to have one service ticket.

One service ticket is allowed to have one for one day, and tell staff for using cooperated parking.

Show the service ticket at barcode reader after signs the parking fee.

Exemption Clause of using cooperated parking

Parking tickets can be handed only in staff hours.

This service is suddenly changed or finished without noticing.

ONI GYM 24 is not responsible for accidents, theft, or other troubles in or outside of parking lot.

When cooperated parking is full, please park at close parking place (\400-600/h). ONI GYM 24 will not fulfill the parking fee and parking service ticket isn’t available in this case.

Parking Space for bicycles



There’s parking space for bicycles besides entrance.

Don’t park over the chain and don’t park at spaces for residents of this apartment.