ONI GYM Facility Guide


ONI GYM24 is free weight specialty gym for powerlifting and weightlifting training where doesn’t let you wait for power rack.

2mins from JR Kintetsu Line Shuntokumichi st. 24/365

This gym is produced by ONI holdings BUKIYA.net.


No Waiting Time for Power Rack

One of complaint from trainees in 24/7 gym is caused by “Waiting for Power Rack”. Don’t you pay membership fee for the waiting time?

There are many racks separated by the using weight in ONI GYM24. Almost all of the racks are approved to use in Powerlifting competition, and have jacks for changing the rack height.https://www.youtube.com/embed/ld5JL3taM6E

You can change the rack height even when the barbell is loaded with using jacks.

This lets you share one rack with others in the core time.

8 Squat Racks


5 ONI Combo Racks with Plate Tree

1 ONI Power Rack

1 ONI Half Rack

1 ELEIKO Powerlifting Squat Rack/ Bench press Rack (Automatic) (Old Model)

Barbells & Plates

7 ONI Powerlifting Bar Olympic Shaft

1 ROGUE Stainless Ohio Power Bar

1 ROGUE Safety Squat Bar

ONI Bumper Plates

ONI Change Plates

BULL Powerlifting Plates

GRIP Liquid Chalk

Roll Screen


Each mirror has a roll screen.

You can train with watching mirror or practice competition squat without mirror.

7 Bench Press Racks


3 ONI Combo Racks with Plate Tree

1 ELEIKO Powerlifting Squat Rack / Bench press Rack (Automatic) (New Model)

2 ELEIKO Powerlifting Squat Rack / Bench press Rack (Automatic) (Old Model)

1 BULL Bench & Squat Racks Black Edition

Barbells & Plates

5 ONI Powerlifting Bar Olympic Shaft

1 BULL Olympic Shaft Ceramic Coating

1 ROGUE Ohio Power Bar Black Zinc

ONI Bumper Plates

ONI Change Plates

BULL Powerlifting Plates

GRIP Liquid Chalk

2 Stretch Polls Half Cut

5 Deadlift Plat Forms


3 ONI Plat Forms 5cm Outer Frame with Band Assist

2 ONI Plat Forms 3cm Outer Frame with Band Assist

Barbells & Plates

4 ONI Powerlifting Bar Olympic Shaft

1 ROGUE Stainless Ohio Power Bar

ONI Bumper Plates

ONI Change Plates

GRIP Liquid Chalk

Weightlifting Plat Form 5.4m x 3.6m


2 men can lift and drop weight simultaneously in 5.4m x 3.6m weightlifting area.

3 ROGUE Ohio Bars

1 ONI Ladies’ Weightlifting Bar

ONI Bumper Plates

ONI Change Plates

ONI Barbell Dumbbell Drop Mats

2 Jerk Block sets

GRIP Liquid Chalk

Power Racks


There is an unspecified purpose Power Rack in ONI GYM

1 Safety Squat Bar

1 Swiss Bar

1 Adjustable Bench

There is a lot of good quality competition free weight equipment.

Dumbbells Area



Hex Rubber Dumbbells 1-10kg each 2 sets

Hex Rubber Dumbbells 12.5-70kg each 1 set

Kettle Bells 6-32kg each 1 set

4 Adjustable Benches

1 Flat Bench

1 ONI Flat Bench Fat Pad (Plot Type Sample)

You can do not only Powerlifting training, but muscle training, body making, and also accessory works for competition sports in this area.

Stretch Area


This is 4.2m x 3.6m stretch area with mirror.

4 ONI Folding Stretch Pads

3 Stretch Poles

4 Balance Bolls

4 Balance Pads

2 Vibration Form Rollers

2 Massage Guns

1 “骨盤職人”

1 Glute Hamstrings Developer

Various Machines

Weight Stuck Machines

Lat & Low Pulley Machine

Leg Extension & Leg Curl

Abdominal & Back Extension

Rear Delt & Pectoral Fly

Dual Adjustable Pulley

Cable Attachment Option

Plate Load Machines

Leg Press

Incline Press

Pull Down


Abdominal Oblique Crunch

Smith Machine

Preacher Curl

Cardio Machines


3 Air Bikes (Assault Bike)

Air Rower

3 Self-propelling Treadmills


ONI Dips Bar Attachment

Speed Thread

Exercise Band


Deadlift Blocks



VEGA LUX 39 8000W

1回 500円 8分

ONI GYM 24の月額会員、ビジター利用でなくてもご利用可能です。その場合、別途シャワー使用料金500円(税込)が必要となります。

Rest Chairs


There are some rest chairs in various areas.

Please use rest chairs and don’t take rest on bench while intervals.

Free Services

ONI GYM 24は本格的フリーウェイト専門ジムですが、館内の設備も他の24時間ジムと遜色なく充実しております。

Free Wi-Fi

NURO HIKARI and TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Mesh Wi-Fi make single velocity 100Mbps Internet environment in the whole area of this gym.

There’s no SSID switch often happened in huge area, and you constantly can use ultrafast Wi-Fi.

There’s no stress while watching YouTube or Instagram, and uploading vids.

Free Rental Towels

Face towels and bath towels made with Sea-Island cotton, SUVIN GOLD, and Micro Cotton are available.

Shower Rooms for Men & Women




There’re shower rooms in locker rooms separated by men and women, and free rental face towels and bath towels are available.

Free water server is in each locker room, so you can shake own supplement.

Lockers in each locker room are available freely, but please put back the locker key when going out from this gym.

Weight Scale and Body Composition Analyzer



Gent’s & Lady’s Lavatory


Restrooms are next to dumbbell area.

Washlet is fully equipped in both restrooms.

Free Lockers and Own Lockers



Free lockers are available for free and putting valuables.
Own lockers need monthly fee and for putting own training equipment.

Bar (Cafe)


There’s a drink bar at 1F entrance.

Protein drinks, alcohol drinks, and food are on the menu.

Please chat about trainings together here.

24/7 In & Out With Mobile App

ONI GYM24 front door opens with smart phone App “Akerun”.

iOS Download

Android Download

Own training schedule doesn’t need to be changed by gym’s opening-closing time.

Permission of Taking Pictures & Vids

You can take training photos and vids freely.

Taking photos and vids on a large scale needs approval to prevent troubles with other guests.

If other guests are in the photos or vids, put mosaic process before upload.

Free Tripod


1 SLIK F630

2 SLIK 800G-X

2 Endurax

Copyright-Free Music

NCS (No Copyright Sound) is always played in ONI GYM24.

The videos took in ONI GYM24 is not violating monetizing while uploading on YouTube.

No Cash Payment: Only Cashless Payment


You can purchase ONI brand stuffs, Bukiya.net equipment, after testing in this gym.

Also, there’s a food and drink corner.

Credit cards or electronic money are necessary, because all the payment is cashless.

*Cash payment is not available to prevent crimes.

Tattoo OK

ONI GYM 24 doesn’t restrict showing tattoos.

Tattoos are often forbidden in Japanese public place, although it’s considered as one of the fashions.

A lot of ONI brand customers are not Japanese, so showing tattoos is perfectly permitted.

*Anti-social members are not allowed to join ONI GYM 24.

GYM Rules

Gym rules are shown here.